Monday, June 17, 2013


BOB life

Singer ESNAVI always rocks her BOB...

BOB life

In Love with Bevys Bob on the set of Fashion Queens :-)

BOB life

The single most sought after haircut is the BOB, it's Low maintenance, High style, and Flattering to every face shape. A Bob can be done Long, Short, Curly, Layered, Middle part, Side swept or Banging Bangs, the versatility is endless.

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Ponytails used to be the go-to quick fix for a bad hair day, when wearing a hat was not an option. Now the ponytail is polished, sleek and red carpet ready! even the messy undone ponytail is taking center stage.

Low Ponytail Hair-Tip

Blow-dry hair with a volumizing spray or mousse, (I Love Rene Furterer) in an upward motion, apply a touch of gloss, brush to nape of neck and secure with an elastic hair tie.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Finger Waves

Finger waves

Finger waves complement all, whether they are done on long or short hair, set wet or dry mold, a Chic or Glamorous Red Carpet look can be achieved.

Finger waving

Finger Waving is the method of shaping or setting the hair into "S" shaped undulations with the fingers and comb. Developed in the 1920's to add style and soften the hard appearance of, the bobbed hairstyles that became very popular during the flapper period.